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Hyper Cleaner

The hyper cleaner has the following functions:

1. Improve the carrying of debris. Carrying capacity of the mud on the sedimentary rock debris in the big stomach is improved, the formation of the rock debris bed is reduced and the migration efficiency of the cuttings is improved.

2. Reduce the probability of complex accidents in the underground. During the drilling of inclined or horizontal section, if there is large block falling, effective rolling can be carried out and small particles can be broken.

3. Improve drilling efficiency. The smooth flow of wellbore is improved, the lifting and lowering of drilling string are smoother, short trip time and well passing time are reduced. The mechanical drilling speed has been improved compared with conventional drilling, which improves production efficiency, shortens construction period and reduces construction risk.

Installation position of hyper cleaner:

According to the actual experience data of shale gas horizontal wells, one cleaner(which can be adjusted appropriately according to the actual situation) is arranged in every 200m interval from the drill bit, and 5 are arranged in total, which can  achieve the well hole cleaning effect without increase the torque.


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