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Taper tap&Die collar

    Taper Tap is a tool for cutting thread and catching fish internally,and is used to retrieve drill pipe,tubing, washover pipe, packer, water distributor and other fish with an inner hole. Taper Tap has a higher success rate in the fishing of pipe with coupling.Taper Tap is made of high strength alloy steel and go through heat treatment.For better thread cutting, the taper tap can be facilitated with flutes.If drilling fluid circulation is required after catching,the taper tap should with no flute.

    Die collar is a kind of external fishing tools designed for retrieving fish in pipe type such as tubing and drill pipe, and die collar can also be used to retrieve cylindrical fish without water hole.PetroZHR die collar is integral structure in cylinder,consists of sub and bowl,both of them are made of heat-treated alloy steel.There is fishing thread(triangular thread or sawtooth thread) in bowl.Water tight hardened wick is on the internal diameter of die collar to assure positive engagement.And the wicker section is available with debris flutes or not.



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