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MPD-Managed Pressure Drilling Service

PetroZHR can provide a complete set of managed pressure drilling system, including not only automatic choke manifold, back pressure compensation system and other hardware facilities, but also software system necessary for MPD. Meanwhile, according to the different needs of customers, our company has developed different levels of service plans.

It includes rotating BOP, automatic choke manifold, back pressure compensation system, data processing center, PWD, liquid gas separator, remote ignition device, well site monitoring equipment, etc.

MPD System-Hardware and software

Automatic choke manifold

Back pressure compensation system

Rotating BOP

MPD operating software

Data processing center

Plan A: full service solution with back pressure compensation system and PWD. Plan B: without back pressure compensation system (replaced by mud pump set) and PWD, it is a more
economical service plan.

MPD System-Service plan

With reliable hardware quality and software level, our company's MPD technology can play a full role in pressure control under various situations, such as normal circulation, connection of single pipe, tripping, replacement of rotary BOP rubber core, micro leakage/kick and serious leakage/kick.

MPD System-System workflow

Pressure control process of normal drilling and circulating

Pressure control process of micro leakage/kick

Pressure control process of serious leakage/kick

Our company could customize MPD service plan for customers, welcome to discuss in depth.


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